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India responsible for smog in Pakistan: Zakia Shah

Punjab Environment Minister Begum Zakia Shah said that the arch-rival India is responsible for the smog across the border in Pakistan’s Punjab.
Talking to media today, she reasoned that the neighbouring state burnt 35 million tons of waste which caused air pollution. She believes that the polluted air was carried to the Pakistani side by eastern winds and such climatic conditions occurred which made the smog static in Punjab. The smog blanketing large parts of Punjab is not only affecting the air people breath but is also affecting power distribution.
The ongoing foggy weather with pungent air in the atmosphere reminds most of the Lahorites of smog that engulfed the eastern city of Pakistan on November 2 last year. Even after one year of much -trumpeted efforts of Pakistan government to overcome this environmental catastrophe, Lahore has once again been engulfed by a mass of smoggy air for the last one week.