Pakistani female weightlifter lifts expectations

A Pakistani woman weightlifter is changing the game and making her mark in the world of powerlifting.
Maryam, who hails from Peshawar, is no less than superwoman. She works as a banker at day and follows her passion of weightlifting at night.
She has also won a Silver medal for Pakistan in an international powerlifting competition. She shared that she aspired to secure a Gold medal for her country.
Speaking about her achievements, she remarked: “Pakistani women are no less than anyone, she remarked. If given the opportunity, the women can excel at anything.”
Maryam currently resides in Australia, where she went to pursue higher education. She is known to be an expert at deadlifting, squats and bench press.
Maryam who visits Peshawar during her annual leave shared that she spends the most amount of time with her parents.
Speaking about her daughter, Maryam’s mother said that she is proud of the achievements of her daughter.