Sarfraz Ahmed rejects Chandimal’s claims of witchcraft

Pakistan skipper Sarfraz Ahmed rejected claims by Sri Lanka’s captain Dinesh Chandimal that witchcraft helped the team win the Test series against Pakistan.
“We lost the two Tests because of our poor batting and that is all,” said Ahmed.
“If they could win Test matches because of witchcraft or magic, then they should have also won the ODI and T20 series,” added the skipper.
Chandimal had told reporters he had received a special blessing from a meyni, or sorcerer, ahead of the two-match series in the United Arab Emirates.
The Pakistani skipper, however, blamed the batsmen for failing to perform in the Test series rather than witchcraft.
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“I believe in the Holy Quran and also that there was magic in the world, but in the Test series we just batted badly and lost chances to win.”
He elaborated that matches on the field are won or lost through players performance and luck plays a part. 
The claims were also rubbished by Mohammad Yousuf, the country’s former Test captain.
Yousuf said cricket should not be mixed up with such things, added that planning by the team was bad and they “messed it up”.
The former skipper further said that if cricket matches could be won through such means, Sri Lanka would not be struggling in other formats of the game. 
Chandimal had said he was always ready to accept the blessings of anyone – whether it is a meyni or any clergy.
His comments came a week after Sri Lanka’s sports minister denied ordering the struggling national team to use witchcraft ahead of the Test series.
Dayasiri Jayasekara threatened to sue a sorcerer for claiming that at his request she cast a spell over Pakistan to ensure Sri Lanka’s victory.
Chandimal had also said the sorcerer he consulted was the mother of a friend, and he was willing to accept her blessings.
Sri Lanka won the Test series but lost 5-0 in the subsequent one-day series against Pakistan and also went down in a three-match Twenty20 series.