Maryam Nawaz not mentioned in Dawn Leaks, Chaudhry Nisar

Former Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said that decisions taken by courts should be followed fully and politics of opposition should come to a halt.
The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader said, “even though I am not in power, my party is, and sitting on the outskirts I am unable to criticise the government because I am currently not holding an office”. However, he said that he is “loyal to his party, and will always remain so”.He also went on to say that there should be “no confrontation between state institutions”.
“To avoid any conflict or misunderstanding within the party, such decisions should be taken with consensus,” he added.
He then went on to say that the Dawn Leaks report should be made public and that it does not contain any allegations against Maryam Nawaz. “Maryam Nawaz’s name is not in Dawn Leaks,” he clarified.
Earlier this month, Nisar said that clashes between state institutions was not good for the future of the country. “It is a part of our oath not to criticise the institutions,” he said. Nisar said that differences between the intuitions were not good for the country, democracy and for Nawaz himself.“I would like to believe that the courts are deciding on the facts of the case presented before them,” he added.