Smog envelops Peshawar after disrupting life in Punjab

A dense blanket of smog on Saturday has enveloped Peshawar after disrupting normal life in Punjab.
The visibility has dropped to zero due to fog which is creating immense difficulties in travelling for the citizens.
The medics said that the diseases like flu, eye infection and sore throat are increasing due to delay in rains while they have also advised the people to take precautionary measures and use masks to cover their face.
On the other hand, smog has continued to engulf various parts of Punjab including Lahore.Air pollution must not exceed 80 microgram per cubic meter as per standard measures but the same has exceeded 200 microgram per cubic meter in multiple areas of Lahore. Experts have warned against condensing of smog in days to come as farmers burn paddy straw in Punjab.
The Motorway police have appealed the drivers to use GT Road for travelling. They have also urged the drivers to drive slowly and switch on fog lights. The people have been requested to stay home and avoid unnecessary travelling.
Flight schedule at Lahore, Multan and Faisalabad airports was also disturbed due to smog and several flights were cancelled.