Pakistan must take decisive action against terrorists: David Hale

The United States ambassador, David Hale, has asked Pakistan to take decisive action against terrorist groups. A similar demand was communicated earlier by the Trump administration through US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on his visit to Pakistan last month.
While speaking to the media at a session under Track 2-1.5 dialogue Monday, Hale said US wants Pakistan to deal with all the [terrorist] groups in the same way.He added Taliban will have to be pressurised until they agree on holding talks and until they let minorities live under safety.
He spoke about the new US policy, saying it was meant to destroy safe havens of terrorists and to encourage economic prosperity in South Asian countries.
However, Hale added, the leadership in Pakistan has assured of expediting its efforts to restore peace in Afghanistan.The Track 2-1.5 dialogue Hale was speaking at was being attended by officials of Pakistan and US as well as those from US and Pakistan based think-tanks, Wilson Centr and Regional Peace Institute.
Later in the day, Minister for Foreign Affairs Khawaja Asif responded to the demand once again saying there were no organised terrorist networks operation on the Pakistani soil. He also said Pakistan has reservations over the new US policy.