PML-N wishing for ‘huge tragedy’ to surface in current scenario: PPP

Former interior minister Qamar Zaman Kaira among leaders of Pakistan People’s Party have criticised the federally ruling party on Tuesday and claimed that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz wishes for a ‘huge tragedy’ to surface in the current political scenario.
Kaira, opposition leader in the National Assembly Khurshid Shah among PPP leaders addressed a press conference in the provincial capital today and laid bare party’s stance over demand of premature elections.
During his media talk, Kaira announced that people’s party would rally in Lahore on December 5th and that chairman of the political front, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari would let out party’s course-of-action.
He rejected demand of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan of premature elections that are scheduled for mid-2018.
The former minister asserted that party’s agenda has always been democracy and that those who resort to empty rhetoric have never stood by democratic system of Pakistan. Kaira further said that the cabinet is not the only forum for legislation following the 18th amendment.
The former information minister accused that the federally ruling party cannot bear democratic system running smoothly in Pakistan as it does not suit the practices of the political party.
Kaira claimed that Muslim League-Nawaz aims to outrage the military and the judiciary. He further said that the institutions of Pakistan are demonstrating patience at the moment in response to criticism by Nawaz Sharif-led party.