Will Take Each Possible Step to Bury MQM Politics: Mustafa

The head of Pak Sirzameen Party (PSP) Mustafa Kamal on Tuesday lashed out at MQM Pakistan Chief Farooq Sattar and vowed that he would take each possible step to bury MQM politics as its politics danger for everyone.
“Now not one by one but at once group of MQM-P parliamentarians will join PSP as they all have been disappointed the politics of MQM,” Mustafa Kamal said while inaugurating central election office at Pakistan House in Karachi.
He alleged that MQM has erected the board ‘for sale’ as MQM-P, who had voted for PM Abbasi, now ready to vote for other as party has lost people support after the MQM founder anti-Pakistan speech.
Deputy Mayor Arshad Vohra, who recently joined PSP, secretary General PSP Raza Haroon and other leaders have also addressed the gathering.