Pervaiz Musharraf welcomes rapprochement between PSP and MQM-P

In a video message, former President of Pakistan and Chairman of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) Pervaiz Musharraf acclaimed the rapprochement between PSP and MQM-P.
The former President stressed that unity in migrant community along with the rural Sindhi political powers would be instrumental in PPP’s defeat in Sindh and their alliance with AMPL in other provinces would resurrect a formidable political power in the country.
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He expressed his gladness at the reconciliation between the two conflicting migrant parties and stressed that they should abandon the arrogance of MQM and think as Pakistanis, adding that he has sympathy with the migrant community not with the MQM-P.
Commenting on MQM’s past, Musharraf said that migrant community was defamed by the deeds of the MQM and endured difficulties that were the result of MQM’s hawkishness.
Musharraf expressed that his vision is for a power and mindset that unites Sindhis, Pathans, Punjabis, Balochis, Bengalis and Biharis as Pakistanis, rather than separate nations, he further added that APML would then ally with this power elsewhere in Balochistan and KPK to resurrect a strong political force based on a vision based on united Pakistan.