MQM-P, PSP confused, PPP not worried: Murad Ali Shah

Speaking to the media in Emerging Pakistan Exhibition 2017, senior PPP leader and Sindh CM Murad Ali Shah said that PPP is not worried at all over the reconciliation and delusions of PSP and MQM-P.
Responding to a question regarding Musharraf’s acclaim of the PSP-MQMP rapprochement and their possible future alliance with AMLP, Shah said that the one making these huge statements and dreaming of forming alliances, ran away to save himself from the rule of law and will be dealt if he comes back.
On the other hand, Sharjeel Memon predicted that the PSP and MQM-P rapprochement does not seem stable in the long run and is set to fall.
On this occasion, Khurshid Shah also attacked Imran Khan’s speeches and blamed the media for highlighting unnecessary and futile material like that of speeches of certain leaders, rather the focus should be on relevant issues like stumbling economy so that necessary steps should be taken and public awareness is ensured.