Sardar Aseff Ahmad Ali rejoins PTI, calls Imran Khan ‘last hope’

The former Foreign Minister Sardar Aseff Ahmad Ali has announced to re-join Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in a joint press conference with the PTI Chairman Imran Khan.
Talking to media on Saturday, Sardar Aseff called Imran Khan the last hope and praised him for his role in the country’s politics and future. He expressed full support for the cricketer-turned-politician.
In 2011, the ex-Foreign Minister joined PTI but parted ways during 2013 reasoning that Imran Khan hadn t kept the promise with him. Sardar Aseff had served as Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication during 2010 in PPP-coalition government.
Imran Khan criticised the existence of development funds given to lawmakers. He addressed the need of devolution of power in the country. “No development funds will be given to any MNA or MPA if we come into power. All development funds will be given to local body setup,” he told.Imran Khan on Saturday expressed the need to hold snap elections in order to save and strengthen democracy.
Talking to Twitter, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman said, “With economic disaster looming and a complete paralysis of governance, Pakistan needs early elections to save and strengthen democracy.”He mentioned the recent World Bank (WB) report in which it is said that Pakistan will miss all key macro indicators targets set for this fiscal year, notably fiscal deficit, current account deficit and annual economic growth rate.
“The World Bank, in a highly critical report, exposed the econ disaster created by PML-N. The Report warned that Pakistan s macro economic conditions significantly worsened in the past 1 year and heavy reliance on short-term foreign commercial loans would create repayment issues for Pakistan,” he said further.