Glitch in iPhone X: Touch may turn unresponsive in cold weather

The latest flagship phone by Apple, iPhone X, has been found to have a major glitch in its touch screen which can turn unresponsive when subjected to cold weather.
A report on Economic Times confirmed that the smartphone giant admitted the issue and is planning to launch an iOS update that will fix the touch problem in iPhone X. The smartphone priced at iPhone X was already reported to score mediocre in drop tests which resulted in damaging the glass back and front.
It was told that the touch screen of iPhone X becomes unresponsive when the temperature goes to or below zero degrees. The latest Apple phone is not able to handle the fall in temperature and doesn’t react to touch commands in cold weather, the report said.
The matter was pursued when frequent reports were received from new users that their screens are not working properly. The story quoted Apple as saying that iPhone X will temporarily be unable to respond to user input in certain conditions. If the temperature of the surrounding environment suddenly dropped, the smartphone fails to respond temporarily, it added.
Apple promised to launch a software update and it seems that the issue will be resolved by iOS 11.2. The company believes that the ‘coldgate’ issue is not caused by hardware problem. The last update from the company was iOS 11.1.

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