Imran Asks Pakistanis to Shed Inferiority Complex

Asking Muslims in general and Pakistanis in particular to shed the destructive inferiority complex chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan asked the people to take pride to be Pakistanis and to never hide the name of their country, city, and the area no matter where they are in the world.
Shed inferiority complex and be your real self because those inflicted by inferiority complex try to copy others while those who adopt someone else’s culture become their slaves which is the case with us because we are greatly impressed by the Western culture. Reading Allama Iqbal and understanding his poetry has become necessary in the times we are living because it would cure us of our inferiority complex, he added.
Had there been no PTI the people of this country would be still slaves of the two parties who have ripped them off mercilessly.
Addressing the 5th convocation ceremony at Namal College, who helped build the college on a donated piece of land from donations, Imran also asked the students and the faculty that none could defeat those who never give up.
Leaders anywhere work hard to improve the conditions of their people and not for the betterment of themselves and their families and the founder of the nation Quaida-e-Azam Mhammad Ali Jinnah did not want to make Pakistan for himself.
Saying that had he left politics there would had been no PTI Imran called unemployment the biggest problem of Pakistan Imran added that 95 percent of the students of Namal College are studying on scholarship.
Encouraging the students an young generation of the country to dream Imran said that a great human beings dream first and then lay down the foundation to fulfill that dream. Our great Quaid too first dreamt of creation of Pakistan and worked hard to laid down the basis necessary or its formation at a time that none could even imagine that there would be a country called Pakistan, he added.
A big man is one who dreams big and does not think for himself but for others. Nelson Mandella did not fight for his rights but for the rights of his people.
The world has seen many extremely rich people and none of them were remembered by the history.
Allah has empowered every single human being with certain capabilities and faculties but until you challenge yourself you would not be able to understand your real potential. I was told that just did not had the prowess to play cricket when I first made attempts to play cricket but instead of getting discouraged I took it as challenge and you know the rest of the story, Imran said.
Earlier Imran had left Peelan for Mianwali accompanied by central leader of the party.