Husband flees with dowry of newly-wed wife in Bahawalpur

A man fled with the dowry of his newly-wed wife in Bahawalpur on Monday.
Huma, 24, loved music and her passion to learn took her to a music academy, where she befriended a man, Sikandar. She proposed to him shortly afterward.
The girl’s family agreed to their marriage, but Sikandar’s parents did not.
Huma says a year and a half passed like that, amid which the couple had Nikah at a local mosque.
Sikandar, however, did not get the Nikahnama (official marriage document) prepared and continued to make excuses for a year, the girl says, forcing her to abandon ties with him.
A month after Huma cut ties with Sikandar, the girl says, he approached her through his friends and apologised to her.
The girl says Sikandar promised to make up for his mistake, which convinced her. Later, the couple had a court marriage and moved to a rented house in the city.
However, when Huma visited her family four days after their marriage, Sikandar, along with an accomplice, stole Rs47,000 cash, laptop and all of Huma’s dowry.
Police, on Huma’s complaint, have lodged a case against two suspects, including her husband.