Won’t bemoan lack of powers if elected, says Kamal

Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) chief Mustafa Kamal said on Monday that they would not bemoan lack of powers and resources if the people elected them.
Speaking at a press conference along with other party members, Kamal said their message is spreading all over Pakistan and the PSP will be all across the country by 2023. “We are becoming voice of the people who have no voice.”
He lamented that people get to assemblies after being elected, but issues of the people remain unresolved.
“If the people elected us, then would not bemoan lack of powers and resources. We would not take time in resigning if failed to deliver,” the PSP chief said.
Kamal, who has been the Karachi mayor in the past, said those joining his party have greed for nothing. “We are not to increase hatred, nor to transform political differences into enmity.”
“Our past is in front of the people; what we did was never done before, nor could anyone do it after us,” he added.