Karachi operation initiated after consensus: DG Rangers

Sindh Rangers Director General Major General Mohammad Saeed said on Monday that the Karachi operation was initiated after a consensus of all stakeholders.
The DG Rangers added the force is working to establish peace in Karachi and they do not want the metropolis to its former state.
He also said that intelligence agencies have a vital role to play in Karachi.
Referring to the attack on a media house on August 22, 2016, Saeed said all those involved in the attack have been arrested by law enforcing personnel and further said that the arrested workers’ party is in contact with the Rangers.
Saeed elaborated that the MQM-P was not the only political party which keeps in contact with the Rangers as others do so as well.
The Rangers official added that MQM-P was not the only political party which keeps in contact with the Rangers as others do so as well.
Talking in regards to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement – Pakistan (MQM-P) and Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP), he said the two political parties were meeting for the past eight months.
Speaking further on the issue, DG Rangers said both parties should do politics and not confrontation. He added that there is fear that situation in the metropolis deteriorates before the elections.
Earlier, Kamal referred to the allegations by the MQM-P chief as “drama” and claimed that he had met with Sattar because the latter had requested the establishment to bring the two to the table.
The PSP chairman had criticised the media and others for “creating a perception” that Sattar was abducted and forced into conducting a joint press conference.
“The conference took place in front of everyone and the media. Yet such a perception was created. The governor of Sindh also claimed Sattar was abducted and forced to give the press conference,” he had said.
Kamal had also remarked that Sattar has been giving the impression that whatever decisions PSP takes is at the behest of the establishment.
“Sattar has been meeting us through the establishment since eight months,” he said, saying that the developments are not just 48-hours long.
The PSP chief had also admitted that he is in contact with the establishment but claimed to not being an “establishment agent” adding that everyone in the country — including politicians and businessmen — is in contact with the establishment.
Last week, the two parties had decided to regroup with “one name, one symbol and one manifesto” — a year after the two political factions announced complete disassociation from their former leadership based in London.
Announcing their decision at a joint press conference at the Karachi Press Club, Sattar and Kamal said they had decided to do away with their differences to ensure that the vote bank from Sindh and Karachi is not divided.
However, only a day after the announcement, Sattar said that his party was left disappointed.
“Kamal [first] agreed to unite with me and later, in front of me, said that the MQM belongs to its founder,” he had said. “Muhajirs and their mandate were insulted yesterday.”
Sattar had announced to quit his party and politics hours after the Rabita Committee had expressed its confidence in his leadership.
He subsequently retracted his decision, saying his mother had convinced him to keep on serving the people of Pakistan.