Re-investigation of Hudaibiya case beyond understating: Dar

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has said that National Accountability Bureau (NAB) decision to re-investigate Hudaibiya Papers Mills reference is beyond understating.
Ishaq Dar said that Lahore High Court had announced its verdict in his favour and decided to put an end to the case while the Supreme Court has not ordered re-investigation of the case yet. He said that NAB’s decision to re-investigate him in Hudaibiya case reference is beyond understating and against the law.
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Earlier, NAB announced on Wednesday that it would re-investigate Ishaq Dar for alleged corruption in connection with Hudaibiya Paper Mills case.
NAB in a press statement announced that it would re-investigate Ishaq Dar to fulfil the legal requirements of the case in the light of Supreme Court’s decision.
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It was further said in NAB statement that Ishaq Dar was nominated as an accused in the initial reference but he became an approver in the case later. However, since the reference has been quashed, the investigation against Dar, as an accused, is being restarted.
It is worthwhile that Ishaq Dar had revealed his involvement in money laundering in his confession statement before the magistrate on April 25, 2000 in Hudaibiya Paper Mills reference.