Vidya Balan calls out journalist for fat-shaming her

Vidya Balan has always been sassy and unapologetically herself.
And she ain’t changing that about her for anybody!
The actress, who is gearing up for her upcoming movie, Tumhari Sulu was fat-shamed by a journalist while talking to the media at the Outlook Business Women of Worth Awards 2017… where she was honored for her impeccable contribution in the films, the irony.
In a video posted online, the reporter asks her, “Have you thought of losing weight for glamorous roles or want to continue doing women-centric films?”
The Dirty Picture leading lady who was visibly shocked by the question, managed to keep her composure (more gracefully than we would have been!) and replied: “There’s no connection between women-centric roles and weight loss. I am happy with the work I am currently doing. However, it’d be better if people like you would change their mindsets.”
Tumhari Sulu which promises to be a “charming slice-of-life family feature” hits cinemas on 17 November.