Australian, Canadian high commissioners call on Ayaz Sadiq

High Commissioner of Australia and Canada Friday called on National Assembly Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq and wide range of issues including enhancing parliamentary and economic ties between Pakistan and their respective countries came under discussion.
Talking to the High Commissioner of Australia Margaret Adamson, the speaker remarked that Pakistan’s political leadership was committed to cementing Pak-Australian political engagement for strengthening democratic governance, a press release said.He expressed satisfaction with the pace of political and economic cooperation between the two countries.Sardar Ayaz Sadiq underlined the need for expansion of economic relations through sustained engagement of chambers of commerce and other business forums.He urged the need for substantial and concrete engagement on pressing issues prevalent in the region and beyond.He said Pakistani political and military leadership had demonstrated an unflinching commitment to eliminate terrorism from its soil. Referring to cementing cooperation with Australia, he remarked that parliamentary engagement between the two nations was the bedrock of robust relation between the two nations and further urged the need for regular exchange of parliamentary delegations.Margaret Adamson endorsed Ayaz Sadiq’s proposal for regular exchange of parliamentary delegations and cementing people-to-people contacts.She acknowledged Pakistan’s sacrifices in global war on terror and added that Australia would continue to support Pakistan at the regional as well as international level in its endeavors for promoting peace, democracy and economic development.Talking to the Canadian High Commissioner Perry John Calderwood, the speaker said Pakistan attached great importance to its relations with Canada and keen to further strengthen them through parliamentary cooperation and people-to-people and economic contacts.He underlined the need for enhanced interaction between the parliamentarians of the two countries.He said relations between Pakistan and Canada were based on mutual goodwill and understanding as well as converging views on important global issues.Sardar Ayaz Sadiq said mutual understanding and cooperation would further strengthen relations between both the countries. Democracy in Pakistan was fully entrenched and the present government was committed to the welfare of its people, he added. The speaker said the present parliament comprised of progressive forces and were on the same page on issues concerning masses.Canadian High Commissioner Perry John Calderwood appreciated speaker’s remarks and said his country also attached importance to its relations with Pakistan and wanted to further strengthen it though diversification of economic and parliamentary ties.He assured the speaker that engagement between parliamentarians would actively continue in the days ahead.He appreciated the contributions of Pakistani expatriates residing in Canada in strengthening the economy and development of Canada.