US, Pakistan and Afghanistan need to actively work towards peace process: Maleeha

Pakistan and the United States are in the process of resetting their relationship against the backdrop of geopolitical shifts that have transformed the global and regional environment.
Speaking at a discussion at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in New York, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations Dr. Maleeha Lodhi said that an improved Islamabad-Washington relationship is important for global and regional peace and stability.
Maleeha Lodhi said the new US strategy in Afghanistan relies overly on military force which has proved to be elusive for the past decade and half.
She said neither Kabul and the Coalition, nor the Afghan Taliban, can impose a military solution on each other.
The Ambassador said we therefore feel the US, Pakistan and Afghanistan need to actively work towards a peace process.
She said that Pakistan has successfully reversed the tide of terrorism by clearing its tribal and border areas of all militant groups.
Maleeha Lodhi further said the marked improvement in the country’s security environment has accompanied the revival of economic growth.
She said economic growth will receive a major impetus from projects of the China-Pakistani Economic Corridor (CPEC) the pivot of Beijing’s One Belt One Road initiative.
Reaffirming Pakistan’s commitment to fight terrorism and extremism, Ambassador Lodhi said defeating terrorist violence is vital to realize our overriding priority of rapid economic and social development.