Oil tanker rams into house in Karachi, kills one

A speeding oil tanker crashed into a house in Korangi area of the city, killing one and injuring seven Tuesday morning.
According to the police, the incident took plan when driver lost control of the oil tanker’s steering taking the vehicle on the service road from the main path. Subsequently, the oil tanker crashed into a house damaging the structure.
Eight people, who were in the house at the time of the incident, came under the debris. The injured were taken to Jinnah Hospital where one of them succumbed to the wounds. The deceased was a 20-year-old woman called Naureen.
The neighbours of the affected family said a blast was heard after the oil tanker crashed into the house. But since the tanker was empty, they added, it saved from further damaged.
The driver of the oil tanker escaped after the incident, rescue sources said.
The traffic police machinery reached the site to take the oil tanker out of the house, while police started searching for the accused driver and tanker owner.
This year a number of incidents have been caused by oil tankers, with the worst being the one that took place in Ahmedpur East of Bahawalpur in Punjab. Hundreds were killed in an explosion that was caused by oil that leaked from an overturned tanker. Most of the killed people were the ones who had come from neighbouring areas to collect leaking oil, while others were passers-by.