Would love to star in an Iranian film, says Mahira

After doing powerful roles in both Pakistan and across the border, Mahira Khan has expressed her desire to work in the Iranian cinema.
Clad in beautiful pink sari, the actor spoke about her life, movies and random things in her talk in a session at the Faiz International Festival.
“I would love to work in a foreign film. That could be hard because of the language but that is the most interesting aspect of it,” she said.
Explaining poetically how fascinating the idea is, she said an actor has to adopt certain expressions and mannerisms that would come out if one were speaking the same language.
Mahira, who steered clear of any controversy in early days of her career, saw a lot of criticism after pictures of her and Ranbir Kapoor in London surfaced. But she has defended herself unabashedly and stood for herself, winning the praising of all and sundry.
The actor also spoke about controversy surrounding her film Vernaand news of its possible ban. “It’s life. Stuff happens,” she said, to the surprise of the audience. Explaining that the year 2017 has proved to be quite difficult for her, she said she had become used to things going south.
“But it was good Verna was finally released,” she added.
Commenting on the Ranbir controversy, she said that she has learnt a lot. ‘I have become a big girl now.”