Always want to perform my best against India, Australia: Aamir

Fast bowler Muhammad Aamir said that he always wants to perform his best against India and Australia.
In an interview with ESPN Cricinfo, the left-arm fast bowler said: “I think I get extra energy when I play against Australia and India. Whether or not I perform against the other teams but I always want to perform against these two teams.”
The speedstar added that while playing with India, the body language is different for the players because performance against each other makes a mark in the world.
“The stardom increases, your value as a player increase, performing against India is a dream come true” he said.
Virat Kohli’s dismissal in Champions Trophy
Aamir believes that the back-to-back deliveries against Kohli changed his image in the United Kingdom.
“The catch being dropped first and Kohli getting out on the second was a big achievement. And because of that we had won 60 to 70 percent of the match because India relies a lot on Kohli,” he said.
The fast bowler said that when Azhar Ali dropped Kohli’s catch, he thought that the team Pakistan has dropped half of the match.
“I remembered Fakhar Zaman’s moment when he scored a hundred after been given another second chance. When I was going back to my bowling mark. I was praying to God that something similar doesn’t happen but he got out next ball,” he said.
Aamir said that as a bowler he is satisfied with his performance after his comeback.
“I am satisfied with my performance. If after five years a bowlers come and plays all three formats, plays the leagues, I think it’s a big achievement. If you see in 2016, I had bowled second most overs for Pakistan. I cant say I have done very well but feelings are mixed.”