Honey and Lemon Home Remedy for Flu,colds or Relieve

Honey and lemon are ancient remedies that never go out of style or no longer used.
They have lots of vitamins and anti-oxidants. The ideal combination flu is to squeeze 1 or 2 lemons in a cup mix its juice with 1 or 2 tablespoons of honey and take it after drinking lemon juice with honey ,drink some water, you can take the juice mix lemon with honey several times a day, is a very good home remedy for flu or colds  , also other than taking this mix you  can drink hot tea with lemon, or hot drinks or satisfied vitamin C as orange juice.
It seems like it is that time of year when EVERYONE is sick. Literally almost everyone I know has been hit with some kind of illness the past month. At our house it has been colds, coughs, runny noses, pink eye, ear infections and worst of all sore throat!
The worst thing about having a cold/cough/sniffles/sore throat is that if you go to the doctor, even if you feel like you might die, they will say the same thing to you.
“I’m sorry, this is a virus and there really isn’t anything we can do. Just try and treat the symptoms.”
Treat the symptoms? Boo. In fact, I went to the doctor just this morning because I was SURE I had strep. I mean, it is just not possible to have a sore throat this bad for 3 days and have no sign of improvement, right? Wrong. When the doctor said the usual virus speech I wanted to give him a virus! He then began to tell me to take Ibuprofen to manage the pain…….oh wait, you are pregnant? Well, there is a prescription numbing spray that will numb your throat for 20 minutes. 20 minutes? No thanks. I decided I needed something………hot and soothing. And all natur-al.
I was doing some reading about honey the other day. I read a research article where they gave 105 children with colds either honey, honey-flavored cough medicine or no treatment. All of the children got better, but honey consistently scored best in parents’ rating of their children’s cough symptoms. The researchers said that honey may work by coating and soothing an irritated throat and it’s believed to have antioxidant and antibacterial effects. Dark-colored honey, such as buckwheat honey used in the study, is particularly high in antioxidants.
Just make sure if you are going to give honey to a child, that they are older than 12 months old. *Honey should not be given to babies younger than 12 months. *
My little two-year old has had a cough and sniffles as well, but there really isn’t any medication I can give her. I whipped up this natural cold remedy and we both sipped it this afternoon and it really hit the spot. It is so simple that even when you are in dire straits you will be able to make this. The honey is sweet and the lemon provides the refreshing zing of citrus. Next time you are feeling under the weather, make up a mug and cheers to better health!