I play every guy’s dream girl, says Neelum Muneer at Chupan Chupai’s trailer launch

The trailer for Ahsan Khan and Neelum Muneer’s upcoming film Chupan Chupai released yesterday.
The trailer was riotous, action-packed and reminded us of Na Maloom Afraad and Wrong No, but that’s a similarity that the cast admits itself. And it’s Wrong No writer Mohsin Ali who has written (with Zayed Sheikh) and directed Chupan Chupai too!
Speaking earlier to Images, Ahsan Khan shared, “Chupan Chupai has a youth-oriented script. It’s a comedy thriller about young jobless guys who want to make a quick buck. They resort to drastic measures like kidnapping and other gunda gardi. Of course, they have to face the consequences.”
We caught up with female lead Neelum Muneer at Nabila’s where she was getting ready for the trailer launch. She shared that her character is “any guy’s dream girl.”
“It was difficult to play because I had to change outfits in almost every scene, you’ll see why when you watch the film. There’s lots of suspense, comedy and action in the film. I’m sure everyone will enjoy it.”
The film releases on December 29.