Imran Lashes Out Nawaz, Says “His Ideology is Only Corruption”

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairperson Imran Khan lashing out at former prime minister Nawaz Sharif said that Nawaz’s ideology is only corruption.
Speaking to a PTI rally in Hafizabad, the PTI chief lambasted the government and the federal ministers over their support for the ousted premier Nawaz Sharif. He accused both Nawaz Sharif and ex-President Asif Zardari for earning money through unfair means while holding offices.
“Nawaz says that Nawaz is the name of an ideology. Nawaz’s ideology is nothing but corruption.”
Imran was taking a jibe at Nawaz Sharif’s statement in a Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz rally on November 19 in which he claimed that those who talk about minus Nawaz Sharif don’t know that “Nawaz is the name of an ideology. All of you are this ideology. This ideology will bring a revolutionary change in the country.”
“Nawaz Sharif who has looted Rs300billion from the people has done nothing to stop Ishaq Dar or Khawaja Asif,” he said. “We will provide more proofs against Asif’s corruption in the coming days,” he claimed.“How can a country where all the rulers are corrupt ever progress? This is why we all need to prepare and fight this corruption mafia.”
A country which works to protect its people and ensure justice becomes invincible, Imran remarked. On the class-based inequalities, he said that petty thieves are put in jails but big dacoits are sitting in the parliament.
“Corruption is the abuse of power,” he said, adding people in power should not be allowed to favour themselves. Rulers have been siphoning money from the people of Pakistan, Imran remarked. “This money should be spent on the people.”Pakistan has two main problems, unemployment and inflation, both of which are a product of rampant corruption in the country, said Imran.
The menace of unemployment is affecting the youth of the country, he said, adding that the youth are on the lookout for better employment opportunities.
He said that a corrupt Prime Minister can never stop his ministers from corruption, signaling the ouster of ex-PM who couldn’t stop Finance Minister Ishaq Dar from corruption.
The PTI chief stressed that only strong institutions can help make the country progress, adding the example of Europe where institutions are empowered for the betterment of the people. He raised his voice against the appointment of corrupt persons to head institutions.Imran Khan reaffirmed his allegations on a particular section of media who defended the ex-PM during trial in the apex court. “You defended the person who looted Rs 300 billion from the country,” he added, stressing that the journalists serve the country and report if anything is not working right. He blamed a news organisation, asking his supporters to boycott it.
He said that the state in “new-Pakistan” will stand with the poor, provide employment opportunities and technical education so that the youth can be empowered. Khan spoke to eradicate corruption and poverty during his address.
While addressing the rally, Awami Muslim League Head Sheikh Rasheed reiterated his claims that Imran Khan wants to help the people.
“Imran has taken up important issues as such oppression and theft,” he said. “I am with Imran in his struggle.”