‘Hide the notch’ apps become a thing for iPhone X users

There are several tech experts and Apple fans who don’t think that the notch idea for iPhone X was any good. A number of iOS developers have been trying to get rid of the notch by introducing apps for this purpose.
“Hide the notch” apps have become a reality for iPhone X users since the inception of the idea. Several apps have flooded the Apple App Store which help remove the notch by changing display settings. It appears as if the ‘ugly’ notch doesn’t fit in the minimum bezel feature in the Apple new flagship phone.
These apps can only optimise the notch in a way that it cannot be seen in a curved shape. The developers cannot hide the notch completely as they have only squeezed the screen from the top.
Apps to hide the notch also don’t require jailbreak. Any iPhone X user can download the free app from any trusted name.
To make the app interesting, iOS developers have given additional settings like changing the wallpaper and lock screen which optimise with the notch.