Faizabad Sit-in Portrayed Pakistan’s Negative Image: Khursheed Shah

Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah has on Tuesday said that the Faizabad sit-in highlighted Pakistan’s negative image in the world and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is worried over the present situation.
Khursheed Shah said in his address to the National Assembly (NA) that PPP is concerned about Pakistan’s sovereignty. He said his party gave a clear message in the time of crisis that it stands with parliament and democracy.
The opposition leader said Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) always stays away from the parliament and that is why it avoided to bring this matter to the house.
PPP has always strengthened itself through the parliament and by doing so the strength of the parliament also increased, Shah maintained.
Khursheed Shah said the group that PML-N thought was its ally fought against it in the protest. He further added that the court has exposed the management of the government in its remarks.
Khursheed Shah hoped that the matter of delimitation bill will be resolved in the Senate before December 11.