Punjab government orders reopening of all schools on Wednesday

Punjab government on Tuesday has ordered as well as announced the reopening of all schools on Wednesday.
Punjab’s Education Secretary Dr Allah Baksh Malik has stated that all schools in Punjab will be reopened tomorrow and directed the public to use alternative routes to schools where sit-ins are still continued.
While citing the reason for shutting down schools for two days in the first place, he said the schools were closed because state was going through a sensitive situation of deadlock and roads were utterly blocked due to Faizabad sit-in and ensuing chaos caused by the protesters countrywide.
Earlier, Punjab government had ordered shutting down of schools for Monday and Tuesday with their reopening on Wedensday due to Tehreek-e-Labbaik protests. The Faizabad sit-in has ended after Khadim Hussain Rizvi made an agreement with the goverment after the Federal government agreed to their terms and demands and routine life started returning across the country.
However, Right-wing movements have continued sit-in protest outside Punjab Assembly on Tuesday and demanded resignation of Punjab law minister Rana Sanaullah, despite leaders of religious parties calling off Faizabad sit-in after 22 days of agitation.