SC flays govt for inaction in Margalla Hills suo moto case

Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) has flayed the federal government on Wednesday for inaction against uprooting of trees at Margalla Hills National Park and operation against encroachments.
During hearing of a case regarding operation against encroachments and uprooting of trees at Margala Hills, Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed-led two-member bench resented inaction of the government after court orders. Justice Saeed said that the government has responsibilities other than politics.
He rhetorically asked whether the government would enter an agreement for deforestation at Margala Hills as well after a deal was struck with Faizabad protesters.
The top cort judge further taunted that the authorities would state by the end of the entire issue that army could be called in for this.
The apex court reprimanded CAD Minister Tariq Fazal Chaudhry and said that those who cannot shoulder their responsibilities should tender their resignations. The judge said that the court respects elected representatives of the people however, work is important.
He directed the authorities to learn who owns the plazas built as encroachments in Margala Hills area to know why there has been inaction until today.
Justice Saeed remarked that writ of the state is the most strengthened in the federation whereas the federal government is nowhere to be seen in Pakistan.
Justice Ijazul Hasan responded to a reply by the government’s official that the areas where police was available look the same as those where was police was unavailable owing to Faizabad agitation.
While responding to a query of counsel for CAD, the bench said that the judges cannot have Margala Hills cleared with batons in their hands. Justice Saeed said that it is upon the court to have the law implemented and that it should not be resented by federal authorities.
The minister for CAD pleaded the court to grant his a week’s time to chalk out an action plan. The court entertained the plea and adjourned the hearing until December 7.
Before concluding the hearing, the bench said that the Supreme Court of Pakistan has faith in the government but it seems as if the government does not.