IHC suspends clauses 202, 204 of Election Act 2017

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has on Thursday suspended clauses 202 and 204 of the Election Act 2017 and dismissed the Election Commission of Pakistan’s (ECP) notice as well.
Justice Aamir Farooq conducted the hearing on petitions that were filed by political parties and summoned answers from all parties by issuing notices.
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Advocate Hafiz Muhammad Suffyan and Chaudhary Hamid appeared before the court on behalf of political parties. The petitioners’ counsel opted the stance that the clauses included in the bill are contrary to the Constitution of Pakistan as well as the basic human rights.
It is worth mentioning here that according to the new clauses, political parties were directed to submit two hundred thousand rupees to the ECP along with signed copies of National Identity Cards (NICs) of more than two thousand workers before December 2.
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The ECP had then issued notice to the political parties which was challenged in the IHC along with the election act. The hearing of this case has been adjourned till January 9.