Petrol price goes up by Rs1.48/litre

After the approval from the Ministry of Finance, the federal government has hiked prices of petroleum products for the month of December.
In view of the recommendations in summary from Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), the petrol price has been increased by Rs 1.48 per litre. Also, diesel will now be sold with a hiked per litre cost by Rs 1.36.
The federal government has also altered the prices of other petroleum products by making them expensive. Kerosene oil’s price has gone up by Rs 4.39/litre. The rates of high speed diesel and light diesel have been increased by Rs 1.36 and 3.12 per litre, respectively.
Petrol, high speed diesel, kerosene oil and light diesel will now be sold at Rs 77.44, 85.95, 57.58 and 52.18 per litre, respectively. The new oil prices will be applicable from December 1.
OGRA had proposed Rs 1.20 liter to Rs 15.35 per liter increase in prices of petroleum products for the month of December. Last month, similar hike in petroleum products’ prices was experienced.
Previously, the Ministry of Finance had approved the hike in fuel prices for November and the new rates of petroleum products under which the petrol price was raised by Rs 2.49, making it priced at Rs 75.99 per litre. Diesel price had gone up by Rs 5.19 on every litre.