Nawaz Sharif to address rally in Quetta today

Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif will attend and address rally of Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party at Quetta’s Ayub Stadium today.
The preparations for the rally have been completed with arrangements for a loud speaker. The chairs and stage have been set for the rally and posters of Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz have been put up.
The people are expected to gather at the stadium around 12PM and Nawaz Sharif’s arrival is expected to arrive in Quetta around 2PM. The speeches will start from 2:30PM today.
The special security vehicles of Nawaz Sharif, including a jammer vehicle, have reached the Ayub Stadium.
While addressing a PML-N rally on November 19, Nawaz Sharif remarked that those who talk about minus Nawaz Sharif don’t know that “Nawaz is the name of an ideology. All of you are this ideology. This ideology will bring a revolutionary change in the country.”
Addressing a public gathering at the Abbottabad college ground, the former premier said he has brought his review petition [in the Panama Papers case] to the people. “You have to decide my appeal. Give a decision that echoes far and wide.”
Maintaining that he is not scared of jail or death, he told the crowd, “You have to promise, we will march together towards our destination. Don’t sit at home, we will walk together and change Pakistan’s destiny.”
The disqualified prime minister then recalled what he termed the “Panama Tamasha [circus]”, saying a petition which was dismissed earlier was later admitted and he and his family were dragged through the courts.
He then referred to the “WhatsApp Tamasha”, “from which rare diamonds were sought and a JIT made in front of which we all were summoned.”
Nawaz said one day the JIT’s story will be uncovered before the world, adding that they toured the world but didn’t find any iota of corruption against him.
“And when all failed, they said you didn’t take a salary from your son, so you are disqualified,” he asserted.