Saad Rafique advises against using religion to further political agenda

Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) leaders on Saturday said that religion should not be used to further political agendas.
“We all have the same belief and religion and I believe that [people] should refrain from attempting to distribute certificates of belief [in God],” said Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique.
“We respect all scholars and sheikhs and if on any level, there is a misunderstanding or it has been created, we are ready to clear it.”
The minister, however, said that if people want to further their political agenda or hit his party, there are ‘many other ways to do so.’
He said that PML-N’s political imam and pir is Nawaz Sharif and the party is engaged in a continuous struggle to establish the supremacy of the constitution.
“Our goal is to establish civil rule and supremacy of constitution and law in Pakistan,” he said.
Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah also reiterated the opinions expressed by his colleague.
“Only God and His Prophet (Peace be upon Him) will decide about the beliefs of individuals,” he said. “And if anyone feels the need or desire to renew their beliefs, they can do so by approaching God.”
Discussing the matter of his resignation, the law minister said that in this world, his political pir is Mian Nawaz Sharif, who also has his resignation.
“My resignation is with him [Nawaz] and if someone wants my ouster, the decision lies with my leader,” Sanaullah said.
Earlier, the protesters of a religious group concluded their seven-day sit-in on Lahore’s Mall Road after reaching an agreement with the Punjab government.
Speaking at a press conference following the agreement, Ashraf Asif Jalali thanked the participants for staging the sit-in for seven consecutive days.
Jalali said the names of those responsible for the change in the amendment to the ‘Finality of Prophethood’ declaration for the electoral candidates in the Elections Act 2017 will be made public by December 20.
He claimed that the government has provided them with a list of protesters who were martyred, wounded, or arrested.
Jalali also said a committee will be formed with regard to the resignation of Minister for Law in Punjab Rana Sanaullah.
“If the agreement isn’t acted upon in a month’s time, then we will again take to streets,” he warned, advising his followers to stay ready and on alert.