ATM skimming: Suspect nabbed, handed over to FIA on 11-day remand

Suspect in ATM skimming scam, accused of withdrawing at least Rs10 million through some 559 transactions, was reportedly nabbed on Friday.
Cyber crime cell of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has revealed involvement of Indian, Canadian, American and Nigerian hackers besides Pakistanis in the scam.
In a development reported today, the Pakistani suspect named Saqib was handed over to the federal agency for a period of the 11 days. According to the details let out by the agency, Saqib bought a ‘skimmer’ in guise of an Italian citizen named Ayesha.
A foreign hacker had sought pictures of ATMs in Islamabad and Rawalpindi using his Pakistani accomplice.
The criminal was handed in custody of the cyber crime cell while the team is pursuing operation to locate members of the gang.
Private bank compensates customers
A private bank began to compensate the scam victims after the ‘cyber heist’ reported last week when security of hundreds of bank accounts was compromised as hackers used identities of customers to withdraw money using ATMs.
Spokesperson for Habib Bank said that over Rs10 million were issued to compensate the affected customers both residing in Pakistan and those abroad. He had complained last week of hackers being at large for over three days after the incident.
Compensation of the victims began after State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) instructed banks in the issue.