Hudaibiya case to spell doom for entire Sharif family: Imran Khan

PTI Chairman has said Sunday in Sheikhupura procession that Hudaibiya case will prove disaster for the entire Sharif family as Hudaibiya case involves the names of all members of Sharif family and the entire nation is keenly observing the further actions of Chairman NAB.
Addressing the general public at Sheikhupura, Imran Khan said that PML-N’s days are numbered. The PTI Chairman also lashed out on Sheikhupura’s Deputy Commissioner for not providing the stadium for procession ceremony mocking him as Shahbaz Sharif’s errand boy.
Khan pointed out what he called ‘double standards’ of PML-N that their leaders used to label him as the agent of Jewish lobby at home while presented him as ‘Taliban Khan’ abroad, recalling Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif’s remarks in United States where he said that the foreign ministerclaimed N-league to be a liberal party while PTI to be aligned with the ultra-conservative right-wing.
He went on further and said that those who labelled him as agent of jewish lobby were the ones who altered the prophethood clause in the election bill nomination papers to please their ‘Western masters’ and added that they denied it after nation reacted harshly but acknowledged it in the end.
The PTI founder stormed on the former Chairman NAB and said that he was a hurdle to true accountability and saved many culprits of nation but a future PTI government will drag him back to Pakistan and make him answerable.
Khan stressed that the country cannot be fixed until the leaders stop milking it and recalled that foreign tourists used to visit Pakistan in its glorious past while the country has been so badly exploited now that Pakistanis go to foreign countries for employment and good standard of living adding that the country’s sad state of affairs is due to the likes of Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari.
The PTI Chairman pointed out that it’s very easy to make money in a position of power in Pakistan due to its plight and said that Nawaz Sharif did exactly that and added that the PML-N Chairman had only one factory in 1982 but had 30 factories by 1992.
Khan asserted that once PTI comes in power it will fix the country from inside out and will not let anyone exploit its resources including the financial ones and claimed that he has not given ‘special benefits’ to anyone in KPK using his party’s provincial position.