Abid Sher Ali Claims Imran Khan Will loss KP, Zardari Sindh in Next Election

The minister for state to water and power Abid Sher Ali has predicted on Monday that Imran Khan will loss his government in Khyber Puhtunkhwa and Asif Ali Zardari in Sindh after next election.
He visited the Faisalabad vegetable market accompanied with traders after the report of increase in theft in the area and ensured them that the security will be enhanced of the vegetable. “Despite paying million of rupees as taxes the traders are unsafe,” he said while talking to media on the occasion,
He cited the dearth of police personnel cause the increase in theft as there was need of 28 to 30 thousands police contingency but only 8000 personnel were performing the duty.Commenting over the country’s political situation, Abid Sher lashed out at Asif Ali Zardari and said Zardari was claiming to develop entire Pakistan but he should firs make his own house in order.
“Zadari has looted the national exchequer and transferred it abroad through Ayan Ali and ships as it was ridicules when Zardari talks over elimination of corruption ,” he said.
Replying answering to a question regarding Rana Sanaullah issue, he said that the issue has been taken by the chief minister Punjab and will be resolved soon.
Strongly lambasting on Imran Khan he said that despite claiming construction of 350 dams Imran even could not generate single megawatt of electricity.