Baby girl born mid-air on PIA flight

A woman gave birth to a baby girl on board Multan-bound Pakistan International Airlines flight, which had departed from Madina.
The PIA also hailed the ‘amazing emergency response’ of its cabin crew and congratulated the parents of the baby.
The PIA shared: “Miracles happen every day and we had our little miracle today onboard our flight PK 716 from Madinah to Multan. A beautiful baby girl was born! We congratulate the proud parents on the new arrival and a big kudos to our cabin crew for their amazing emergency response.
The mother has been identified as Kausar.
Sources informed that the flight was diverted to Karachi due to bad weather. The flight PK-716 landed at Karachi airport at 8:04 AM.
However, the passengers were then taken to their actual destination (Multan) through a special flight, PK-8330, which departed from Karachi airport at 11AM. On June 19, an Indian woman gave birth to a baby boy on an international commercial flight as it flew at 35,000 feet, the airline said.
The unnamed woman, in her 20s, went into premature labour on Sunday’s Jet Airways flight between Damman in Saudi Arabia and Kochi in the southern Indian state of Kerala.
“The guest delivered a baby boy at 35,000 feet,” Jet Airways said in a statement, adding that a paramedic on board and airline staff helped with the delivery.
The Boeing 737 flight, which had 162 passengers on board, was diverted to Mumbai where the woman and her newborn were rushed to a hospital near the airport.
An official at Mumbai´s Holy Spirit hospital told AFP on Monday that both the mother and baby boy were doing well.