Anti-state entities will not be tolerated: DG Rangers Sindh

The Director-General (DG) Rangers Major General Muhammad Saeed on Wednesday stressed that forces against the country won’t be tolerated.
“Forces operating against Pakistan won’t be tolerated and nor will [the Rangers] allow any [political] party to create a target-killer wing,” General Saeed said while addressing senior journalists earlier today (Wednesday).
He added that law enforcement agencies could not monitor ‘thoughts’ but they would also not allow any illegal use of weapons.
“There has been a noticeable decrease in crime within four years of the [Karachi] operation,” he said. “No incident of terrorism has been reported [so far] in 2017.”
He also said that ‘those who terrorised Karachi’ will not be forgiven.
Citing the city’s crime statistics for the current year, the DG Rangers said that only four incidents of extortion were reported this year and the paramilitary force handed over more than 1400 criminals to the police during the present year.
“Karachi was on the sixth spot on the crime index in 2013, and it now stands on the fifty-second position on the same index,” Major General Saeed during the media talk.
Major General Saeed on Tuesday has said that the Karachi operation had yielded noticeably positive results, which were obvious from the improved peace situation of the metropolis.
He had said that the paramilitary force is taking every possible measure to improve the peace and security situation and the Karachi operation will continue till ‘its objectives are achieved.’
The Ministry of Interior in October this year issued a notification calling for a 90-day extension in the Ranger’s operation in Karachi on the request of the Government of Sindh.
The extension was granted under clause 1, sub-section 3, of section 4 of the Anti-terrorism Act 1997(XXVII of 1997) and stood effective from October 18.
The paramilitary force was granted certain special powers including arrests and raids when the Karachi operation started back in 2011.
Under the National Action Plan and the Anti-Terrorism Act, the federal cabinet granted special powers to the Rangers to lead a targeted joint operation with the police against criminals involved in targeted killings, kidnappings for ransom, extortion, and terrorism in Karachi. The operation was launched in September 2013 in Karachi.
The paramilitary force has been engaged in combing out terrorist factions inhabiting the city including the terrorist outfit Ansarul Shariah.
The Rangers and Counter-Terrorism Department conducted a raid earlier this year in October and killed the chief of terrorist outfit Ansarul Shariah.
A large number of wanted suspects have been nabbed and large caches of weapons and explosive materials, among other things, have been recovered from terrorists’ hideouts since the operation commenced.