Samsung likely to imitate Apple in upcoming S9

According to American business magazine Forbes, Samsung, in line with Apples’ policy, has decided to launch its upcoming Galaxy S9 smart-phone in two discernably different models: Galaxy S9 standard and Galaxy S9 plus, which may prove to be an unscrupulous change for Samsung users.
Although the already launched pair of models are different from each other in terms of screen size and battery timing, the upcoming Galaxy S9 will introduce some unprecedented changes in the pair – or even troika – to resemble the Apple’s policy.
Lo and behold! Standard Galaxy S9 will feature only one rear camera, while the expensive S9 will offer dual camera, and that’s exactly what Apple has been doing for years.
Similarly, RAM could also differ to justify the price-difference between the pair. On the other hand, as per another piece of leaked information, S9 will be all but a carbon copy of S8 with similar bezel, unlike narrow one which would characterise the costly S9 plus.
Let it be known that reports hitherto suggested that all S9 models will feature dual camera, extremely narrow bezel and ever more powerful processor. That is not the case anymore.
There are rumours circulating that Galaxy S9 will be introduced in three versions, that is, S9 standard, S9 plus, and mini phone.
The unveiling of mini S9 seems highly unlikely though, as information regarding this version is very scant.
Galaxy S9 is likely to be unveiled next year in February in Barcelona, just a day before Mobile World Congress would have been kicked off.
Its price will be as usual be more than the preceding S8 model, being predicted to be between USD 950 and USD 1050, making it the most expensive phone of the Samsung Galaxy S series.