Consensus exists to move forward as one, says DG ISPR after Senate briefing

Director General Inter-Services Public Relations Major General Asif Ghafoor, after the army chief’s briefing to the Senate, said a consensus exists that Pakistan is very strong and no one can defeat us till we are united.
“There was a consensus that Pakistan is a very strong country, a very strong nation and there was agreement that we have to move forward in a united manner and we will face the dangers facing the country together,” said the major general.
“No one can defeat us till we are united.”
The Army spokesman was speaking to the media after General Bajwa’s briefing to the Senate.
Ghafoor added that the Senators were more aware of the security situation of the country and praised the role played by the Pakistan Army and the armed forces.
“Our Honourable Senators were more aware of the security situation and appreciated the role played by the Pakistan Army and armed forces of Pakistan,” said the ISPR director general.
Elaborating on the events leading up to the army chief’s historic visit, Ghafoor said defence committees from both houses of the parliament visited the GHQ on September 18 and asked the army chief if he would come to the parliament or Senate.
“The chief said ‘for sure, if I am invited I will come’.”
He added the chairman of the Senate then talked with the army chief and after coordination, General Bajwa visited the Senate today.
“It was a wonderful session. The DGMO talked about the geo-strategic situation through the security lens, made the Senators aware of the dangers facing the country. He also updated regarding the war on terror and talked of our future course of action.”
The DGMO briefing, focusing on full-spectrum issues, lasted for an hour after which there was a question and answer session for around three hours, said the Army spokesman.
The senior Army officer praised the session and referred to it as “very candid, very free, very frank and very objective”.
He further stated that the session was a good beginning.