NAB has destroyed Pakistan, turned nation into a laughing stock: SC

Supreme Court (SC) Justice Gulzar Ahmed has said, during his remarks in a corruption reference, that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has destroyed the country and eaten up its roots.
Earlier today, the SC Karachi registry was in session for the hearing of a corruption reference regarding the illegal sale of jet fuel.
Expressing extreme displeasure at delaying tactics in filing of the corruption reference, the judge admonished NAB officials for the delay.
“NAB has destroyed the country and eaten up our very roots. It has turned Pakistan into a laughing stock and brought nothing but disgrace to our nation,” Justice Ahmed said in his remarks.
While conversing with NAB officials during court proceedings, the judges said that personnel of the department should not be afraid of powerful or influential people, and instead go after whoever they deem involved in corrupt habits without any fear.
While reprimanding the investigating officer, the court observed that even after a year, NAB has failed to produce a reference in the case, and directed the accountability bureau to file one within a fortnight.
The investigating officer told the court that investigations into the matter have been completed and a reference in this regard will be filed soon.
“What have you been doing for the past year? Eating up money?” the judges asked NAB officers. “The court will not tolerate any more delays in the case.”
Prosecutor NAB told the court that the accused had purchased jet fuel worth Rs1.3m from the oil company Shell.
“Instead of government entities, the accused sold the fuel on the open market, and stands involved in a fraud of Rs2.3b,” the prosecutor informed the judges.
The court has directed NAB to submit a report regarding the reference within twenty-four hours.