People of Kashmir, Palestine constantly subjected to atrocities: Maleeha

Dr Maleeha Lodhi, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, on Wednesday said that people of Kashmir and Palestine are facing severe human rights violations.
Speaking in the UN Security Council in debate on Challenges to international peace and security, Maleeha Lodhi called for resolution of internationally recognised disputes including occupied Kashmir and Palestine. She added that the issues of occupied Kashmir and Palestine should be resolved in accordance with the UN Charter,
Maleeha Lodhi further said that the people of Held Kashmir and Palestine are constantly subjected to atrocities by the occupied forces.
She said that proliferation of conflicts today is a clear sign of the need for urgent action. “The proposed reform of the peace and security architecture is necessary but not sufficient to make a real difference,” she said.
“Fundamental change in the way we deal with conflicts is required. Only then will we be able to succeed in our collective quest for sustainable and enduring peace and security,” Lodhi said.