Ahsan Advises Opponents To Shun Politics of Sit-in

Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal said that political opponents should shun politics of sit-in and should play their role in the progress of the country.
He was talking to media at Islam kot after visiting Thar Coal Block-two in Mithi on Friday.
Iqbal said that Pakistan is competing against the economies of India and other countries of the region. “There are no sit-ins happening in the other countries of the region,” he added. “There are no sit-ins happening in India nor Bangladesh”.
He said that the successful execution of Thar coal project shows that if we work in unity we can achieve success.
“Thar’s coal can provide more energy than Saudi’s oil,” the interior minister said. “We have decided to include Thar coal project in CPEC”.
Responding to a question, the minister said that Pakistan principally stood with Palestine in the United Nations General Assembly yesterday.“Pakistan is an independent country and it has its independent foreign policy,” Iqbal said. “The entire world supported joint resolution put forwarded by Turkey and Pakistan. We have a deep bond with the people of Palestine.”
The interior minister said that the US should review its foreign policies and should see why the international superpower is being isolated in the international arena.
He said that the Thar Coal Project has been incorporated in the CPEC to generate more energy in the country.
Interior Minister urged opposition parties to cooperate with the government’s development process by shunning sit-in politics as the stability of the country is linked with the political stability.Ahsan Iqbal said that every government should complete it tenure for which we have to establish the tradition of tolerance and mutual cooperation.
Earlier, he visited mining site, under construction power project, Model House and Green Park project where he was briefed by the Chief of Sindh Coal Mining Company Shamsuddin Sheikh.
He also reviewed various schemes of Thar foundation.