The Greatest player of Squash ( Exclusive interview with Jahangir Khan )

Jahangir Khan is known as the greatest squash player ever, He became world amateur champion at the age of 15. Winning 10 British open championships, six world open championships and winning 555 consecutive matches over 5 years and 8 months
We are grateful that we had a chance to interview the greatest guy ever to play squash.
How do you feel about the revival of Squash in Pakistan?
It feels very good to see International level Squash back in Pakistan, now due to these tournaments our players can learn more so they will be better tactically and physically. It is very satisfactory to see international level players from all around the world in Pakistan fighting for greater prize money and a better tournament which has improved dramatically in past few years.
How these international tournaments can improve in Pakistan?
Well it is very hard to judge the efforts of PSA but we can improve by organising more tournaments in other cities with better prize money, we should introduce more categories for young players and females so they can improve their game to become more professional and they can fight for trophies and championships on other  higher level.
Do you think we need to improve our squash facilities?
Improving Squash will produce new talent which will carry the legacy of the legends of our country which was the best squash playing nation during 70s and 80s. We need to improve the quality of courts,coaching and we need to start squash awareness programs, it is important to spread this game to other cities such as Quetta,Gilgit and Kashmir.
How Pakistani players can improve to become legends of this game?
Our young players should focus more on their fitness, they should improve their gameplay duration and they need to play more around the world so they can fight for better tournaments which will increase their rankings.
How Organization of Pakistan airforce and Serena hotel is improving the tournaments in Pakistan?
They have done a superb job by providing high quality facilities for playing squash, this will help us to attract more international players every year. Air chief and organisers also did a marvellous job by providing security to foreign players.
Serena hotel is also doing a good job by sponsoring squash and tennis events as this will help to improve the level of tournaments in Pakistan.