Decision against me halted country’s progress: Nawaz Sharif

Ousted premier and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif has on Tuesday said that the apex court’s decision against him has halted country’s progress.
Addressing PML-N Social Media Convention, Nawaz said his party will secure historic victory in next general elections. He asked the attendants to spread his message about the party’s agenda of progress everywhere.
The former prime minister claimed that loadshedding and terrorism has ended from Pakistan, and affirmed that conspiracies of enemies will fail badly. Nawaz also appreciated the people who gathered in large numbers in the convention.
Criticizing Imran further, Nawaz said the PTI chairman loses elections and then searches for ways to bring down an elected government and its prime minister.
“Imran will be clean bold during the 2018 elections. You will not be able to win the elections,” claimed Nawaz.
“The time has come now to raise the flag for the supremacy of justice. Our history shows that all those dictators which came to power, were legitimised by the courts.”
Addressing the youth, the former prime minister expressed hope that the youth of the country would make Pakistan a better place and added that the youth will take the country forward.
Referring to his GT road rally, the PML-N chief said the people promised him that they would stand for the sanctity of the ballot and he was hopeful to see the youth promising the same during the convention.