Need to change our mindsets, work towards peace: CM Punjab

Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif remarked that people of Pakistan should work towards ensuring that Pakistan does not scatter any further.
“We need to change the system and bring a new system, so we can say that Pakistan is a welfare state,” he said, adding “we shouldn’t let Pakistan scatter. We have to make Pakistan great again.”
The task ahead of us is difficult but not impossible, he remarked. “For this, we need to change our mindset and work towards peace.” Shehbaz was addressing the police training college’s annual sub-inspector passing out parade on Tuesday.
We have to move forward keeping our differences aside for country’s sake, he said, adding “We have to work towards making Pakistan a world power, which Quaid-e-Azam wanted.”
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Speaking about Punjab police, he said that the provincial police must become a disciplined force, which should be renowned across the globe for its respect, character and justice.
At least, 286 of 70,000 officers will be deployed in the field as ASIs, he shared, hoping that the officers in the field are able to understand and help the unprivileged. “Punjab government has spent Rs2,300 billion on the policing system over nine years.”
Punjab police has lost 1,400 officers in the fight against terrorism, and street crimes, he said. “Officers of Pakistan Army and police have given countless sacrifices for the betterment of the country.” The CM remarked that the process of sacrifices has been ongoing since the inception of Pakistan.