Have never seen anyone as brave as Benazir, says Zardari

Pakistan Peoples Party Co-Chairman and former President Asif Ali Zardari is addressing a rally in Gari Khuda Baksh on the tenth death anniversary of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.
“Have never seen anyone as brave as Benazir,” said Zardari. The co-chairman of the party said conspiracies are still being hatched against the party.
“There was a conspiracy against Benazir and the PPP. The conspiracy is still in play and we are still seeing its results today.”
Criticising political leaders, Zardari said some of these leaders are the result of benefits gained from returning officers.
“The bad eggs of the conspiracy are still hatching, some are becoming kaptaan while other are coming to the forefront.”In an apparent reference to the PML-N, Zardari said just like they have issues with the PPP, they too have issues with the PML-N.
“Just like you have issues with us, we have issues with you as well. You have always backstabbed us. This time we will not support you.”
Zardari also rejected talk of any NRO in the future and said the party will not accept another compromise.
“We spend 12 years in jail while you spend a few months and then get to sign an NRO and attain your freedom. That will not happen again. We reject and NRO in the future,” said the former president.
Zardari said he will be cautious in running the party and will always use politics for the betterment of the people.
“I consider every worker my child. Benazir did the same and used to cry for her workers whenever she recieved news of their death,” said the PPP co-chairman.
The former president also promised the attendees of the rally that the PPP will return to power in the upcoming elections.
Concluding his address, the former president reiterated that the real leader is Bilawal Bhutto. “The real leader, the leader of the nation is Bilawal.”