Man arrested after holding his family hostage in Rawalpindi

A person allegedly with mental disability held his family hostage in Morgah area of the city on Saturday.
According to police, the man shot and injured his father-in-law and held the rest of his family hostage before the police succeeded in arresting the suspect.
A policeman was also injured by the shooting and taken to DHQ Hospital.
One of the children managed to escape from the house.
The suspect, named Abdur Rahim, is mentally challenged and aged around 30, according to police and neighbours. He is also a drug addict, according to reports.
Neighbours told police the suspect tried to commit suicide by jumping off the roof of the house the previous day.
Police said around 20 people remained trapped in the house sinc overnight before the police operation ended the hostage situation.
CPO Rawalpindi Israr Abbasi, addressing the media later, said the manner in which the suspect was shooting suggested he was no ordinary resident.