Jammu & Kashmir

Indian troops martyred 291 Kashmiris in 2017

Indian occupational forces in Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK) martyred 291 Kashmiris in 2017, including six women and 18 boys, reported the Kashmir Media Service (KMS).
Out of the 291 people martyred, 22 were lost their lives while under custody. Indian forces widowed 31 Kashmiri women and orphaned 73 children. Furthermore, 231 Kashmiri women were disgraced or molested by Indian soldiers. 
During various operations carried out by the occupational forces. including house raids, crackdowns, riot control and teargas shelling, at least 4,674 civilians were tortured while 3,529 people were arrested.
Those arrested by occupational forces included Hurriyat leaders, activists, students, young boys and women leaders, added the occupied valley’s media outlet. 
During the last month of the year, Indian forces martyred 14 Kashmiris, including two women. 
Another 181 people were injured due to the use of bullets, pellets and teargas shelling by Indian forces against protesters during December and 197 civilians including Hurriyet leaders and activists were arrested in the month.
Indian forces also destroyed and damaged 125 residential houses during the period.